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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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cultural change and the policy leadership as apartments beyond you the board and mayor into the departments and through our staff i believe we're more aligned than ever as supervisor kim challenged us to deliver open a multiple front in 2015 i think one comment and observation i'll make is that in many of the challenges in the project delivery process are kind of invisibly to people some of the improvements are somewhat hard to grasp their intable but very meaningful i want to call out some of the things they relate to leadership every staff member is a learn in their work every community member is a leader working with our staff helping us to think outside the
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box and outreach approaches in vooifr the program and some of the policies and the tools and the joint training proms you're starting to see i know the partner sessions between historic preservation and sfmta working on coordinated improvements we'll bring back to you next year in addition to 9 protective program thank you for your presentation. >> thank you oh, one other it will be great to see aspects of the curriculum we'll be urging for the large vehicle driver program okay seeing no further comments thank you so much to sfmta i know that sfmta was not here today really looking forward to
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the outcomes and the work over the next couple of months and continue to stay in close partnership let us know what we can do. >> mr. clerk. >> new items seeing none. >> public comment. >> so at this point we'll open up for general public comment seeing none, we'll close general public comment is closed. >> item 7 public comment. >> seeing no public comment we'll close item 7. >> item 8 adjournment. >> thank you. we're adjourned
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good morning, everyone. w0e789 san francisco land use & economic development committee i'm supervisor wiener the chairman of the committee to my right is our vice chair supervisor jane kim and to my left is supervisor cowen our clerk is andrea ashbury i want to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting today's hearing specific jennifer lowe and jessie larson madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. timid items acted on today may appear on the december agenda. >> m call item one.
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>> a resolution granting the revokable portion of the public right-of-way along market street. >> and thank you. i'm the harrow of item number one colleagues is a resolution authorizing the installation of the light rail art project along market street this item has been considered and endorsed by the arts and historic preservation commission i have broad community support by organizations including 70 michelle obama ma the buena vista arts and sf beautiful and the cb d from integral market and yerba buena this is an exciting project that is the first of its kind in the world visualize the light rail
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vehicles thin light strange longer than market street if the embarcadero to van ness sending delicately delicate lights matching the 200 underground trains people will monitor the trains by the above ground lights colleagues this is the transportation spine of san francisco and one of the most important streets it is deserving of improved treatment compared to what it is today that's why we're moving forward with the better street market plan as the supply moves forward the light rail will build awareness for the 0 future improvements on market street 24 installation was conceived and advanced by the arts that is the same organization be responsible for the beautiful light bay
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lights on the bay bridge which the m t c approved or answered into an mou to make that installation on the bay bridge permanent this project will be opportunity and maintained for private funds in he and the city will not be responsible for the installation or maintenance slaegz colleagues we'll be hearing more first from the public works and then from ben davies from the arts. >> and good afternoon, supervisors i'm the city person from public works this project was into our office i have -
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sorry. >> take your time. >> all right. all right. thank you again, this project came to public works back in june and we're reviewed it and we're into the regular process and this is the light rail market from van ness to embarcadero about two miles illuminating the city which was described and it is the works
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first sculpture of its kind and the entire route has one hundred 42 lights that is going into the city through the tubdz and this is an example that joined obituary us we got from the sponsor which is the illuminate our of the arts this is the same thing that shows the ride this is typically what the future will look like on both sides of this is a cross section of market street which is not clear but you'll have two lights running with the traffic this is a temporary project approximately 4 years and will be installed by illuminated art and deemed by them >> the installation will be. >> all done by sponsor.
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>> but approximately that 4 years. >> we'll hear more about that the reason it's temporary we don't know think go what is happening that the market street it could be permanent in the future. >> thank you led which is one of the things discussions crossing market street will not be allowed they would start at the intersection so large tracks of the train will stop and this is agreed by the city of the public works of mta the lights will not be crossing the intersection basically right here at the intersection the lights will stop and continue from after the intersection what our office did was once we
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got the project reviewed we deferred to the planning for others and the sfmta and san francisco arts commission utilities public utilities commission and i think also the fire department they each agency responded and the applicant was everything was they have their discussion with the sponsor and they were they agreed with the project they continued they responded to our office with their comments saying the project come mrildz to their general plan and sf arts commission recommended the project for
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approval the public utilities and the pot of gold they've agreed with the sponsor they yield their facility on project for their area systems projects were reviewed and the project was approved gordon's similarly sf fire department also had no objection on the project they made sure that the spokesperson needs to make sure they're working to put out a fire if anything happens the sponsor will maintain it this is the cross section it shows the fire truck spreading it's lards and sometimes beyond
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the way of the lights and that was what was discussions between the sponsor and the fire department same thing this is just the care plan that agreed between the sponsor and the city as you can see in climax the sponsor supervisor wiener said the project received a lot of letters and support from the businesses individuals and that is the conclusion we have no objections as well one thing we actually, the city attorney reviewed it regarding the resolution as we speak and will be communicating with your office. >> great i know there were i believe that mr. malmet would be
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proposing non-substantive amendments to the resolution you don't know. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney i don't have them i can talk to malmet. >> they're not substantive it's clean up language so if we don't have it today, we can take it up with the full board. >> he said he was working he didn't have time to talk to me. >> and again, if we need to make them at the full board tomorrow that's fine. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you very much to the department we have benefiting from the illustrated of the arts. >> thank you, everyone thank you you know what makes a city great, of course, like san francisco is the land and the buildings and the way the city is laid out no street more
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important than market street and we looked at market street everyone knows about market street this is the specific spine of san francisco but what makes the city great is the people and our ability to work together the market light rail is an extraordinary example of a big community coming together many people consider on a possible challenging on this street that is 2.1 miles long in our city with 6 volts of power we're grateful for people making that that includes the puc and the fire department and i don't think want to miss anyone else the preservation commission and sf planning and others beyond
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that the people at hoff people that designs high speed rail to make sure we have a starting point in a public space and it will extend ultimately people that are spider by the incredible work of you people and the private community to bring the money in place to surprise the world in a project wouldn't be possible without the community that made the bay lights a reality and today is is a great day we're getting xiefltd about that project i want to take the moment to highlight the difference the bay lights there's a different artist with a different set of instruction and the artist are
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making a beautiful eloquent statement and expression of civic automation it celebrates the mass transportation it used the light and energy and movement to create a sense of community up and down the length of market street but the emotional divides that keep it open for half a century i'm feeling grateful to everyone that made this project possible if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> thank you to you and the bay lights and people that are to think about ways to beautify our city and people that make it happen so thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. at this point we will opening it up for public comment is there any public comment on
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item one. >> good afternoon, supervisors chair weiner and supervisor cohen and supervisor jane kim joe from the local 6 probably here as a san francisco resident to speak in favor of the project we have a good history with the contractors working on the bridge the transfer of the lighting is all there glad to see we're going to be working with management and labor and with the asphalt installation of the lights they're modern sger active lights our thank you electricians maintain the high voltage and the power lines so i'm confident in the sponsors reaching out to make sure it is done correctly i'm here to speak in that far of the project.
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>> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on item number one seeing none, public is closed so colleagues. >> well, i'll make a motion to move forward with a recommendation as a committee report and great to see us moving forward i don't know when ben came into our office but it's beautiful and really looking forward to add my name as a co-sponsor in our district and happy to sponsor the bay bridge it is incredibly beautiful i know when we were first approach for the bay lights were you present thinking it is a great idea but never going to happen that we'll do the resolution anyway it happened and it's been great to see what the private
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philanthropic has done this next is incredible i joked that we're going to have to make sure that our our underground lights don't get stuck i'm happy to sponsor this. >> i want to thank in addition to the dpw i've been critical of the fire department in some respect want to thank the fire department to allow us to move forward and want to note this will be powder by clean, hetch hetchy puc this which is is good thing supervisor kim has made a motion to forward with a positive recommendation we have the amendments my icing so mr.
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malmet has given us a basic clean up amendments and their non-substantive so we won't take action today but before we forward colleagues have any questions about the amendments if not we'll take that without objection. they're adopted and on the motion to forward item one to the full board with with a positive recommendation i'll we'll take that without objection. madam clerk madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. >> then we're adjourned thank you
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